What is Truck Wise?

Truck Wise is an innovative project using Virtual Reality technology designed to create greater awareness about interactions between trucks and cars on our roads.

Who is the project targeting?

Truck Wise is aimed at 16-18 year old young car drivers.

Why focus on young drivers?

Road crashes are one of the leading causes of death among young people.

Who is funding the project?

The project is funded by the Commonwealth Government via the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, with state and local government contributions by the Transport Accident Commission and the City of Greater Bendigo.

Who are the key organisations involved in delivering the project?

The City of Greater Bendigo is the project lead, whilst Deakin University is delivering the immersive technology experience. Deakin University is leading the education and innovation sector in creating immersive and engaging experiences and will utilise user input from students at the Bendigo TECH School.

Why is the project lead by the City of Greater Bendigo?

The City secured the Commonwealth Government funding for the pilot in response to the Bendigo Freight Study (2017), which identified road safety as an important issue needing urgent attention. Over 60 per cent of fatalities occur on country roads. The City is responding to the community’s road safety concerns by leading the Truck Wise pilot program.

How does the project fit with the Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy?

The Truck Wise program is aligned with the strategy objectives and is designed to complement existing road safety initiatives and programs.

Who in Central Victoria are supporting the project?

The project is also supported by Bendigo Tech School, Power’s Country Express, Agri-Trans Pty Ltd, RKM Transport and the Livestock & Rural Transporter’s Association of Victoria.

How is the Truck Wise project different to other road safety programs?

The Truck Wise project is designed to complement school-based road safety programs using virtual reality technology and an interactive on-line hub. The project specifically targets the 16-18 year age group and user interactions are not confined to a truck. The focus is on building an empathetic engagement experience based on the latest behavioural science research. The approach is not to shock or scare, but to build awareness and empathy of the risks associated with navigating a heavy vehicle.

What role do the local freight organisations have?

Local freight organisations are contributing truck driver expertise towards the design of the Virtual Reality and 360 degree video interactions. Their input has already helped to identify a number of hazardous scenarios faced by truck drivers.

Does Truck Wise involve instructional driver training?

The Truck Wise program does not involve teaching students to drive a car or a truck. The project aims to support young drivers to make safe choices when sharing the road with trucks. This includes increasing awareness and empathy for the challenges and risks unique to truck drivers.

Can I access the Truck Wise resources to use in my school?

The Truck Wise project resources have been combined into an Educational Package that is available on request by contacting the project team via the feedback form.